Personal Training Manager- remote (PT/FT)

What We're Looking For

Kuna Fitness is in search of an experienced Personal Training Manager to lead and develop existing and new Kuna Fit coaches. This is an exciting role where you will help us shape the foundation of our quickly growing company. In addition to leading and developing coaches, you will train directly with clients and play a critical role in new client acquisition and sales.

The ideal candidate for this role is someone who has built fitness teams from the ground up, has a proven track record of high client renewal rates, up-skilling coaches, exceeding sales targets, and has been responsible for recruiting, interviewing, checking for certifications and referrals, and onboarding new high-quality coaches. You'll work hand-in-hand with Sales, Marketing, and executive leadership to execute strategic initiatives aligned to KPIs and company growth goals.

This position has exceptional growth potential as we continuously hire and onboard coaches. As a Personal Training Manager, coaches will directly report to you. A successful candidate will be an expert communicator, familiar with employment law, highly organized, an educator, a leader, and will possesses exceptional customer service skills.

You will have the power to influence the success and growth of your fitness career, that of your direct reports, and even the future of Kuna Fit. In addition to personal trainers (coaches), you will work with and oversee certified nutrition coaches, ensuring tight alignment with company, coach, and client goals. Some coaches will have both CPT and CNC certifications, providing a comprehensive client experience. You will establish trust and credibility with coaches that directly report to you. You will be expected to conduct regular 1:1 meetings to review the quality of client programming, provide new tips and resources, and deliver sales training and education to improve training renewals and increased sales.

This position will start as part-time, and scale up to full-time, including a mix of management responsibilities and 1:1 client coaching.This position is remote / work from home.

As a Kuna Fit coach, you are responsible for delivering:

Client Consultations

Clients will complete a detailed questionnaire prior to your first consultation. During the consultation, you'll further uncover clients' challenges, motivators, and goals. A successful consultation will provide the client with an ideal timeline to reach their goal, training frequency, and level of lifestyle/habit/ change and commitment required. You're establishing a long term relationship, and this is your chance to sell the potential of working with Kuna!

Clients will leave the call with a clear understanding of your training approach and next steps.


Communication is key to client retention, especially with remote coaching! In addition to scheduled sessions and check-ins, you will answer questions your clients have related to your programming via text and email. Holding clients accountable and building trust through regular communication will help you retain long-term relationships with your clients.

Personalized Programs

Planning helps clients feel empowered and gives them a sense of control  is everything. You will create monthly, 30-day programs for each client, specifically tailored to their needs. Programs will include a summary of intention/focus for the day, warm-up exercises, core exercises, repetitions, weight suggestion, and cool-down / stretching. During scheduled check-ins with your client, you'll make adjustments based on client feedback.

Job Responsibilities

- Recruit, interview, hire, and onboard quality Personal Trainers
- Lead, train and develop our team of Personal Trainers
- Punctual and prepared for all meetings with clients or staff
- Incredible communication and customer service skills
- Provide weekly Sales / KPI metrics to executive leadership
- Fast learner, self-starer, self-sufficient
- Goal Oriented
- Improve our consultation & assessment process
- Increase Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching revenue, retention and profitability.
- Influence pricing, incentives and payment strategies
- Ability to design safe and effective exercise programs tailored to the needs of specific clients/goals
- Dedicated to maintaining personal integrity and personal health and fitness
- Willingness to uphold Company protocol and policies
- Organize and lead Personal Trainer development workshops
- Educates personal trainers on current health and fitness issues and trends
- Continuously improve our Personal Trainer Handbook (Role expectations, policies, procedures)
- Knowledge of anatomy, functional exercise, nutrition, and exercise science
- Ability to demonstrate and teach exercises while providing feedback on technique
- Maintains accurate and current client progress
- Attends mandatory and optional staff training classes
- Remains current on certifications and new trends in the industry

Job Skills, Qualifications and Equipment

- 4+ years Personal Training Management experience
- Experience in working directly with Nutrition Coaches
- Attention to detail
- Excellent communication skills
- Organized and self-sufficient
- Current CPR/AED Certification and basic First Aid knowledge
- Current Nationally Recognized Personal Trainer Certifications

BS in Kinesiology, Exercise Science or associated field

Required Equipment:
A smartphone running iOS or Android operating systems with internet access
Laptop, desktop computer, or tablet to create client programs

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Why Kuna?

You’re human, so we’d like to treat you like one! At Kuna, we offer many benefits that you’d typically only find at a big-box corporate gym. We offer positions for both part and full time.

Part Time:
Flexible work schedule: You set your hours
Client leads
Competitive pay
Paid Vacation
Continuing Education Academy (*Future offering)
Liability Insurance

Full Time
All part-time benefits, plus:
Mental Health, Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance.  
Commuter benefits

Career Advancement
As a growing company, we believe in providing growth opportunities to our team. Our culture encourages team members to be creative, innovative, and take risks. Feel free to share your future goals with your manager, we’d love to be a part of your personal and professional development.

Everybody is welcome at Kuna. With a focus on Equality, we believe in providing opportunity to everyone. We earn the trust of our clients and providers by listening to their needs and adapting to their lifestyles. We are committed to offering a best-in-class experience from our down to earth, supportive team. We believe in: Equality. Trust. Excellence. Humility. Support. Self-esteem.

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