Personal Trainer - Chicago (Part-time)

Job Summary

As a KOJA FIT coach, you have the opportunity to empower clients to become their healthiest, fittest selves. At the center of every client relationship is a deep understanding of their obstacles and needs. At KOJA, we strive to be with our clients at every step of their fitness journey. Coaches will create personalized fitness plans that factor in the lifestyle, obstacles, and goals of each client. Coaches will be expected to plan, implement, and guide exercise regimens, and to hold clients accountable and motivate them. Coaches will have excellent customer service and communication skills. KOJA FIT is a fitness tech company; you will meet with clients via video, phone, and in-person, and communicate regularly via email and SMS. Our services include monthly programming and 1:1 coaching, both of which you'll deliver remotely.

During an initial client assessment, you’ll establish an ideal training location. Sessions would take place at via video, home, outdoors, or at a boutique/private gym facility near you.

Client Consultation

Clients will complete a detailed questionnaire prior to your first consultation. During the consultation, you'll further uncover clients' challenges, motivators, and goals. A successful consultation will provide the client with an ideal timeline to reach their goal, training frequency, and level of lifestyle/habit/ change and commitment required. You're establishing a long term relationship, and this is your chance to sell the potential of working with KOJA!

Clients will leave the call with a clear understanding of your training approach and next steps.


Communication is key to client retention! In addition to scheduled sessions and check-ins, you will answer questions your clients have related to your programming via text and email. Holding clients accountable and building trust through regular communication will help you retain long-term relationships with your clients.

Personalized Programs

Planning helps clients feel empowered and gives them a sense of control  is everything. You will create monthly, 30-day programs for each client, specifically tailored to their needs. Programs will include a summary of intention/focus for the day, warm-up exercises, core exercises, repetitions, weight suggestion, and cool-down / stretching. During scheduled check-ins with your client, you'll make adjustments based on client feedback.

Job Responsibilities

• Conduct fitness assessments for all new clients by reviewing their abilities, physical condition and overall health, ensuring all fitness plans are suitable.
• Be punctual! You expect your clients to be on time- so lead by example!
• Create personalized fitness plans that assist clients in reaching their fitness goals while remaining suitable to their current physical abilities.
A passion for fitness and health!
Upbeat and positive attitude.
Educate clients on proper techniques and form for all exercises, especially when using more complicated equipment, to minimize the risk of injury.
Explain exercises in detail and suggest alternatives if needed.
Monitor client progress and make changes to their individual fitness plans based on any physical changes and increased/decreased fitness levels.
Enforce and comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations related to COVID-19. 
Ensure a safe and comfortable environment in which clients can exercise.
Explain safe and proper use of gym equipment.
Perform emergency first aid when needed, including treating minor injuries.
Perform CPR and administer first aid in case of emergencies.
Build a positive and trusting relationship with customers.
Remain current on certifications and new trends in the industry.
Remain current on credentials and continuing education credits (CECs)

Job Skills, Qualifications and Equipment

Current accredited personal training certification
2+ years of Personal Training experience
Excellent verbal communication skills
Current certificate in CPR/AED and First Aid
Available to work flexible hours
Ability to perform an aerobic activity for the duration of a class and be able to bend, stand, reach, climb and lift up to 50 pounds
Ability to travel within the city 
Must pass a satisfactory criminal background check

BS in Kinesiology, Exercise Science or associated field

Required Equipment:
A smartphone running iOS or Android operating systems with internet access
Laptop, desktop computer, or tablet to create client programs

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You’re human, so we’d like to treat you like one! At KOJA, we offer many benefits that you’d typically only find at a big-box corporate gym. We offer positions for both part and full time.

Part Time:
Flexible work schedule: You set your hours
Client leads
Competitive pay
Paid Vacation
Continuing Education Academy (*Future offering)
Liability Insurance

Full Time
All part-time benefits, plus:
Mental Health, Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance.  
Commuter benefits

Career Advancement
As a growing company, we believe in providing growth opportunities to our team. Our culture encourages team members to be creative, innovative, and take risks. Feel free to share your future goals with your manager, we’d love to be a part of your personal and professional development.

Everybody is welcome at KOJA. With a focus on Equality, we believe in providing opportunity to everyone. We earn the trust of our clients and providers by listening to their needs and adapting to their lifestyles. We are committed to offering a best-in-class experience from our down to earth, supportive team. We believe in: Equality. Trust. Excellence. Humility. Support. Self-esteem.

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