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Built by fitness experts, KOJA puts trainers first.

Fitness is a personal journey - our mission is to be with our clients every step of the way! Here at KOJA, we take a personalized approach for each client. We start by asking questions to better understand where our clients are trying to go in life and how they are motivated. From there, we match them with a like-minded personal trainer, who will conduct a consultation, assessment, and develop a personalized fitness plan.

Our core business is personal training, made accessible and easy with tech. We ensure our clients make progress along their journey by focusing our technology in two key areas:

1) Personalized fitness plans: You’ll develop a personalized plan for each client. When your client is not with you, they will use our tool to track their progress and make any notations for your review.

2) Accountability: Most clients need positive encouragement and appreciate being held accountable. We help our trainers stay in contact with clients to ensure they feel supported throughout their fitness journey.

While we offer personal training, our most valuable assets are our personal trainers and providers -- that's you! We did hundreds of hours of research to find out what is most important to providers. KOJA was created to address those needs, such as clientele building, benefits, client management, continuing education, and flexible schedules. When you join KOJA, you get access to our culture and brand while retaining your own unique training style and preferences.

What we offer

Benefits of working at KOJA

Receive a competitive hourly wage, bonuses, and benefits such as vacation and healthcare after you reach full time status.
Growth and Learning
KOJA values your personal and profession growth, and we provide opportunities for both continuing education, workshops and specialization training.
Make your own schedule, take ownership of your client plans, and flourish your individual style.
KOJA cares deeply about access and equality, in the workplace and out. You'll have opportunities to give back to causes you care about and take part in community events.
The tech advantage
We're a fitness tech company, and with that you'll have access to our growing set of tools and processes that automate and streamline your workflow and client management. You'll directly influence the development of new products and features.
Become a part of a team that places emphasis on company culture. We want you to feel safe, heard, and included. From company-wide events to group meetups, we encourage you to be you.

Open roles at KOJA

Personal Trainer - REMOTE/virtual (part-time)
Personal Trainer - Chicago (Part-time)
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